Emma Watson is Named “Most Inspiring Celebrity”

We all know Emma Watson from Harry Potter as, “The Smartest Witch of Her Time”, Hermione Granger, or as Belle from the recent Disney remake, Beauty and the Beast. However, just recently she was named “Most Inspiring Celebrity” and The Gloria Steinem’s Seal of Approval. So obviously, I’m going to talk about Emma Watson’s impact on the fashion industry. 

So let’s take a look at her most fashionable ready-to-wear outfits, red carpet gowns, premier gowns, and of course movie costumes. 

Isn’t she beautiful when setting trends and making fashion statements. As you can tell Emma’s style is simple, but stylish at the same time. She shows us that elegance doesn’t have to be extravagant but it can be simple. Best of all she stays true to herself.

However, like us all, she has little bit of a rebel and glamorous side in her fashion.

In conclusion, along with being smart, beautiful, and true to herself Emma Watson is an inspiration to many people but also the idea of fashion. 

Till next week, fashion lovers!  ~Kate

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